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late?- Danny Macaskill by Dave Sowerby

Danny absolutely kills it on a bicycle, and Sowerby did such a great job of capturing and putting it all together for a really exciting/visually stimulating edit. If you have reservations about trials riding, throw them out the window like Steven Hamilton in Can I Eat. -Hamilton reference, that’s right.

Sorry if this is late on the watch list, and if you have seen it, I’m sure you wont mind watching again!

You gotta check this one in at least 720HD!

Scale of the Universe

Interesting? I thought it was pretty wild!

Be sure to back all the way to the left before you begin!

The LightLine of Gotham

“Introducing ‘Light Lining’ to the US. A technique of projection mapping 3D content. Working in collaboration with Vimeo to conclude the Vimeo Festival and Awards, the Frank Gehry IAC HQ provided the perfect canvas for our transformation of sight and sound.”

new Canon T2i/550d firmware from Magic Lantern

“Initial port of the Magic Lantern firmware to the Canon 550D / T2i camera. This version only adds on-screen audio meters, but shows that it is possible to add the film making features that users need.​wiki/​550D

Anyone else using or considering this camera should check out the Vimeo forums at some point for some good info.

The Selvedge Yard

Still feeling horrible from my ankle injury as well, I’ve got plenty of roaming time on the internet. This was spotted over at defgrip, and seriously stole 30 minutes of my time before I realized it. From vintage Playboy to  ancient tattoo art, there should be something you can enjoy as well. It’s full of interesting photos and includes great information about them as well.

One article that grabbed my attention was called bikes-bikinis-beer & beach. It details bike week in Daytona Beach, Florida quite a few years back.