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Ben Smith’s Photography Site

Up and coming photographer (and filmer, the man behind WHTHOUSBen Smith has a new portfolio site with a bunch of tight action / lifestyle photos he calls “Triple-Beam” which you can check out here. I hit him with a few questions about it which you can check below.

What’s up?  Hey what’s up! I have been pretty busy lately. Just got back from California to escape the winter weather. Been healing up from a back injury this summer, so I have focused more on shooting photos and filming with my time.

Where are you from and how long have you been shooting?   I’m from Helena, Montana. I have been shooting seriously for a about a year and a half. Mainly just 35mm and disposable cameras. And in the last 6 months I have gotten into digital.

Did you make the site yourself?  I did make the site myself, using a popular website hosting program. I didn’t write the code or anything like that.

How often do you think you’ll be updating it?  I’m planning to update it regularly with new galleries of work that I have been slowly stacking. I am always shooting photos, whether it’s within bmx or not.

Did it take a while to pick out exactly what you wanted to display on there?  Not too long actually, I have been slowly putting photos I like aside in a folder for the site. Of course you go back and forth on some of them, but I had a good idea of how I wanted it to look.

Are you currently working on anything new for it? I am working on a flat rail gallery, which should be done in the spring. It is showcasing flat rail tricks, which are usually not the most interesting for a bmx photo, but will be portrayed in a unique way through the location of the rail.

View Ben’s site here.

Tafari Smith 2014 Video

On the East Coast this time of year you’re nearly required to leave the house with a few layers and these freezing temperatures lead some us to believe cruising the city in just a simple teeshirt will ever be an option again. Contrary to that belief just a few short months ago it was a daily thing and Tafari Smith proves it right here with some clips from the warmer months cut and captured by our very own Scott Marceau.

Street Fighter 4 Photo Gallery by Greg Moliterno

Greg Moliterno was in attendance at Street Fighter 4 with his weapon of choice, a Ricoh FF-3 loaded with some Kodak Tri-X. Click here to check out the good times he captured and don’t forget to peep the video.

Analog by Roy van Kempen

roy - PUSH

Its always nice to see a rider pick up a camera and convey a bmx trip though their eyes. Roy Van Kempen has been putting his recently acquired KonicaC35 to the test as he traversed through both Belgium and Italy and tossed some of the photos up on We Are Orange Juice. Click here to check the full gallery.

Photo Of The Week: Josh McElwee

“I shot this at the end of April 2014 in Cocoa, Florida. This was taken just after 10 A.M. so the sun was slightly less difficult to deal with, much to my relief. The setup was pretty simple, two lights were used. The key light is an Einstein 640 with a 45 degree reflector at camera left and is slightly hidden by the left edge of the tree. I had it on a stand probably eight feet high and aimed up a reasonable amount in order to concentrate the light on the upper portion of the wall where James is hitting. The backlight is another Einstein with the same reflector about ten feet out of the frame at camera right. In order to avoid the dreaded double-shadow on the wall caused by using multiple lights, I placed the light in a doorway and feathered it slightly away from the wall. This gets the light slightly more off-axis and still gives a good highlight on James.

Tech info: Canon 5D MKII with 50mm f/1.8. 1/200 @ f/10, ISO 100.” – Josh McElwee

Three Day Metro Pass Photo Gallery by Fred Murray

Alex Kennedy
Chances are last week you saw AK, Bruno Hoffmann, and Greg Layden killing spots all over the largest city in the czech republic with guest appearances by Fred Murray and his fisheye lens. Click here to see a gallery of what exactly he was capturing.

Nick Bullen by Greg Moliterno

Nick Bullen ice – Traverse City, Michigan