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Let Us Roam: Arto Saari

Arto speaks the truth about a career in front of the lens coming full-circle to a passion behind the lens.

Probmxmag #11


It sucks (for me) that it’s all written in Russian but Probmxmag #11 has some really, really good photos in it. Also an interview with Diogo Santos and one with some dude named Adam22

Photo of the Week: Brendan Mulrooney

Paul Horan wallride

I chose this photo mostly because of the precise composition, with the vertical columns pretty much exactly vertical and the amount of geometry in the frame. The vents that he is wallriding over mimic the lights on the inside of the building almost perfectly and the palm tree is a great balance for the edge of the car on the right side of the frame. The riders blue bike sticks out amazingly as it is the only object in the photo of that color.

“I shot this photo of Paul Horan in Daytona Beach, FL while on a spring break trip we took a few weeks back. I knew exactly how I wanted to shoot this when we pulled up to it but in order to get back far enough to frame the shot how I wanted I had to go down a hill a bit which then put a big ass hedge right in my way. I was getting all pissed off because I didn’t have my tripod or any type of ladder so my friend actually volunteered to be a human step stool. I wasn’t about to break my home boys back so I just stood my bike and framed it the best I could. It was an amazing trip and I was so happy with the way this one turned out.

Nikon D3100

Nikon 24-70 lens

1/200 @ f/6.3

ISO 800

1 Nikon SB-800 to the left (triggered by pocket wizard)

1 Nikon SB-24 to the right (triggered by pocket wizard)”

Check out more of Brendan’s work here.

See Paul’s riding here.

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Rich Forne Subrosa Edit

Rich Forne, the man behind the camera for such classics as Bruno Hoffman’s White City and the SOSH Urban Motion first place winning Alex Kennedy video (filmed entirely on a smartphone), is easily in the top ten greatest filmer-riders (or rider-filmers) (shouts to Mastroni and Rigal) and this edit is simply incredible.

Photo of the Week: Łukasz Suszczenko

luk potw

You might recognize the name as the winner of the Hop Photo Contest. Łukasz has a pretty impressive portfolio and this moody 180 caught my eye in the Flickr feed immediately. A cloudy day is a photographer’s dream because it’s so easy to create your own lighting when the sun isn’t there to interfere. Łukasz took full advantage of the conditions and created this dramatic 180 with just one borrowed flash.

“The photo was taken quite spontaneously. I bought my first professional camera in May 2013 and as soon as the weather got better, together with a few guys we visited one of our favorite spots – California Pool Bemowo, an old irrigation pool situated in a military-owned area. I brought with me a camera and a lamp that I borrowed from a fellow Slovenian photographer (Uros Rojc). After a few hours of riding, when I got tired, I decided to take some pictures, accompanied by Skater, who is always eager to participate in such projects. I set the lamp intuitively and we got down to the business. Skater made a turndown, a onefoot table and a 180 barspin. After one ore two attempts we were perfectly satisfied with the outcomes. Finally, I asked Skater to jump over an old tire that we’d found in a pile of trash. We dragged it all the way up to the slope, Skater made some bunny hops and said that he was able to make a 180. The first few attempts were quite painful – Skater injured his knee in a fall the previous day, so our shots were accompanied by great amounts of “FUCK, my kneeeeeeee”s. I thought that we were finished, since we didn’t want to risk any serious injury. But when I showed Skater the pictures I took, despite his condition, he decided to try once again. After only 3 more attempts I finally found what I had been looking for. I quickly returned home and for the first time decided to use Lightroom. After an hour or so I learned all the tools, made some adjustments and the photo was ready.

Rider: Łukasz „Skater” Wysokiński
Location: California Pool Bemowo, Warsaw, Poland
Time of day: Around 3PM
Gear: Nikon D600, Nikon 24-70mm 2.8, 1 x Nikon SB-900, Pixel King Trigger
Settings: 1/640s, f3,5, ISO 640

Instagram: @suszczen

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