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Behind the Photos with Alex Coleborn

Go behind the scenes with Alex Coleborn and photographer Dean Smith as they shoot a handful of photos at the Adrenaline Alley skatepark. If you’re gonna be shooting indoors a bunch this winter, you’ll probably be able to pick up a few flash/ambient mixing pointers by watching this.

Photo of the Week: Brant Moore

brant moore potw

The photo this week comes from a set of pipes in the ceiling at Ray’s Skatepark where Thriller BMX‘s Sponge finds a snug toothpick stall.

“The idea for this photo originally came during filming for the odd couple video contest. Hollywood told Sponge and I about an idea he had given to one of the other dudes on another team and we kinda left it at that. Then this past Sunday we noticed the setup while riding and talked about how it really didn’t look like it would be too bad to get done. I don’t have two front pegs so this one was all Sponge’s.
Shooting the photo was pretty fun too. I had to stand against a wall on the deck of a quarter that was only about 6 inches, then hang onto some nails that we’re sticking out of a board bolted to the wall. My girlfriend Victoria held the flash for me and I snapped a couple test shots as Sponge attempted the trick. We moved around a bit until I was satisfied with the angle and lighting. The second to last photo was good enough but he hadn’t pulled the trick yet so I tried another angle on the next attempt and it turned out to be a winner. He pulled the trick and the photo came out perfectly. I don’t normally like to shoot photos where you can’t fully see the riders face but this was one of those occasions where the angle to see his face wouldn’t have done any justice to how awesome the trick and setup really are.

Panasonic GH4
Rokinon 7.5mm @ F/3.5
Lumopro Flash with Cactus Receiver
Flash Set At 1/64
SS – 1/100
WB – Flash
ISO – 800″

Ben Smith’s Photography Site

Up and coming photographer (and filmer, the man behind WHTHOUSBen Smith has a new portfolio site with a bunch of tight action / lifestyle photos he calls “Triple-Beam” which you can check out here. I hit him with a few questions about it which you can check below.

What’s up?  Hey what’s up! I have been pretty busy lately. Just got back from California to escape the winter weather. Been healing up from a back injury this summer, so I have focused more on shooting photos and filming with my time.

Where are you from and how long have you been shooting?   I’m from Helena, Montana. I have been shooting seriously for a about a year and a half. Mainly just 35mm and disposable cameras. And in the last 6 months I have gotten into digital.

Did you make the site yourself?  I did make the site myself, using a popular website hosting program. I didn’t write the code or anything like that.

How often do you think you’ll be updating it?  I’m planning to update it regularly with new galleries of work that I have been slowly stacking. I am always shooting photos, whether it’s within bmx or not.

Did it take a while to pick out exactly what you wanted to display on there?  Not too long actually, I have been slowly putting photos I like aside in a folder for the site. Of course you go back and forth on some of them, but I had a good idea of how I wanted it to look.

Are you currently working on anything new for it? I am working on a flat rail gallery, which should be done in the spring. It is showcasing flat rail tricks, which are usually not the most interesting for a bmx photo, but will be portrayed in a unique way through the location of the rail.

View Ben’s site here.

Rebeljam Photo Gallery by George Marshall

rebeljam alex d

Surely your Instagram feed is flooded with coverage of Rebeljam already, but here’s your chance to see some dialed full-sized shots from George Marshall himself. Check the gallery.

Nick Jones “From New Jersey to Arizona” Gallery

smallfry by nick jones

Your favorite photographer Nick Jones has a photo gallery up from his past couple excursions out west. Peep that here.

Street Fighter 4 Photo Gallery by Greg Moliterno

Greg Moliterno was in attendance at Street Fighter 4 with his weapon of choice, a Ricoh FF-3 loaded with some Kodak Tri-X. Click here to check out the good times he captured and don’t forget to peep the video.

NOLADAZE Photo Gallery by Paul Robinson


“After Texas we hit the road towards Louisiana, in the hope of some kind of sanctuary. We found Baton Rouge and to be fair we should have never left. That place is perfect. Later we drove across the Bayou and into New Orleans where we stuck it out for a few days. The trip was amazing, some genuine good times and come December 3rd you can watch the full edit online. Until then we have a 35mm film photo gallery to view on the site.” -WeThePeople