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Hadrien Picard/Simone Barraco 8mm Project

Last week we saw a video shot entirely on one roll of Super 8mm film of Simone Barraco riding Barcelona. Here we get a glimpse into what went on behind the scenes and some of the thoughts Hadrien had for the project.

Jib: Tape #3 – Jon Schimpf

After filming the rest of the third DVD for his brainchild Jib, Jon got to pedal around without any extra weight on his back and ride just the spots that he wanted to ride. OH WAIT, that’s not how it works at all… I hope that you guys show your filmer some love on this upcoming International Carry Your Filmer’s Bag Day (the last Saturday of May – but if I had the chance to invent such a holiday, it would be the last Saturday of every month and would include your photographer’s bags as well).

“Chase Hawk – Austin, Texas”

The best at what they do- Chase Hawk and Joe Simon- teamed up and made this masterpiece. Not much more description is necessary, but… Chase Hawk. Joe Simon. Masterpiece.

SOSH Urban Motion – Season 3


The contest that put Alex Kennedy in suspenders and a top hat is back for their third season of seeing what today’s top filmers can create using only a smartphone. Filming will happen July 5th – 11th in Paris then all 7 videos will be screened and judged at a ceremony whose location has yet to be announced.

Academy Skatepark Commercial

The latest creation from Jon Edwards’ Naive Studio.

On-line commercial for a latest addition to the skatepark.

Filmed on the Sony NEX-FS700
Lenses: Zeiss 32mm f1.8 E
1920 x 1080 HD / 16:9 / 240fps / 24fps

Music: Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)
Album: Deluxe Edition
Label: Transgressive

Matty Lambert’s GH4 Test

Filmer Matty Lambert got his hands on the new Panasonic GH4 and despite having a broken leg, went out with Paul Ryan to film some 4K test clips. If you’re a camera nerd, you can also have a look at a little blog post he put together and be on the look out for a slow-mo comparison test with the Sony FS700.

“Stay High” by Agence WTF

The latest project from French agency Write The Future.

“I’ve made this little project this winter with my friends because they are totally unknown in Europe but there riding is so insane. They ride their bike all day long because they love that and not just because BMX and MTB are fashion since a few years. Lot of people in France think riders are so bad in my country so that’s why I want show to the world the truth. In the North of France and Belgium we don’t have a very good weather all year long, very few street riding spots and no mountains for the freeriding. I also made ​​this video to show that the barriers between mountain bike and bmx are finer. Finally the main difference between the 2 sports is the playground.”

-Florent Delahaye