Monthly Archives: September 2010

Michael Flomen

This is wild. He does a sort of on-site environmental photogram. He brings photo paper out into the night, cover it with animals and earth, then pops a flash to expose the paper. I’m guessing he packs the paper back up then takes it to the darkroom to develop. He would have to have a calculated distance and power for the flash to properly expose the paper without blowing it out or underexposing.


RideBMX archives

I spent some time last winter going through all of the old issues of Ride I have in my moms basement. I put some of the gems up on flickr.

Radical commercial

Doesn’t make me want to buy the phone though.

new site

this is the new website layout, and I will be updating it pretty much everyday. right now the links are fairly incomplete, but I will be updating everything the next couple of days. hopefully this will become a great resource for action sports photography. if you want to be a part of the next big thing, email me and become a contributor.