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The End of Kodachrome

Brian Tunney made a slideshow of some legendary slides that were shot on Kodachrome R.I.P.


BMX Parodies.

Never in my life did i expect to see parody BMX videos, but this guy is actually making me laugh. The awesome part is he actually makes legit videos. They’re right on par with the quality of some of the videos they’re poking fun at. It all seems to be in good fun and is definitely entertaining. Instead of posting one video i’ll just give you the link to the vimeo profile. Not all videos are parodies but its easy to find the ones that are. Go check out some of the videos and have a laugh on behalf of some witty canadians.

Behind the Photo – Fat Tony online editor,Fat Tony, has a nice little how to on how to shoot a BMX ad. It’s a good read because he goes into detail with post processing and how to set up the shot… read more

Follow Focus Rig Reviews

A bunch of different follow focus systems reviewed in this video.

The Z-Rig

Fellow rider and film maker Chris Zeppieri has just launched the website for his custom Z-Rig.

He has spent quite a while designing and fine tuning the rig for a lot of versatile use without being over designed. I have personally used an earlier version and i must say i love it.
It keeps shots steady and has multiple ways to hold and attach accessories.

Made to fit just about any HD DSLR or video camera.
Made from steel and strength tested with a price tag of $75 dollars, how an you go wrong?

2000 frames per second

This might be a little bit overkill…

Choosing the Right HDSLR

Here’s a pretty informative video.