Monthly Archives: January 2012

Bobby Simmons in ALYK ‘Still Here’

And look out for his part from the Love/Hate Clothing video dropping in February.


Pretty Lights – We Must Go On

Nick Verdoni


Chances are you have never heard of this kid before, but take a look at his edit! I’ve been filming this for the past two months but I am moving out to Cali so we had to wrap it up early. ┬áThis kids only 15 and already killing it!

Chi-Town Reverie by Elliot Van Orman


Here is a nice, dare I say, beautiful edit of some riding and 16mm shots from Elliot Van Orman.




Mastroni at work


Sweeping up the hard drive… here’s a little glimpse into Mike Mastroni‘s handy work filming Craig Passero for the OSS DVD.

Know Thy Camera