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Will Stroud on the Cinema ‘BCN’ edit

Brian Tunney talks to Will Stroud about the Cinema team Barcelona edit premiering tomorrow.


Canon 4K DSLR

I know a lot of people have been reading about the Canon C300, but the product that I am most excited to see come out is the new Canon full frame DSLR that shoots 4K resolution video.  This is seriously going to be a game changer, and it will rival the RED Scarlett, and come close in quality to the C300, but it should be priced around the $10,000 mark, versus the higher $15,000-$20,000 dollar costs of the Scarlett and the C300.  I’m sure Canon will reveal more in the near future, but for now this concept equipped with a Canon 24mm EF Cinema lens has got me wanting to see more!  Click the pic for a little more info!

User Buttons on Panasonic with Martin Reigel

Tenzin – downside whip


Hasselblad 500c/m, 30mm fisheye, Fuji 400H

Lumedyne 200w Action Packs from left and right

1/60 @ f/16

self critique – crappy shadow on lower half of face. solution – raise the flash

Olympus XA review

I just added a review of my favorite point-and-shoot camera, the Olympus XA.

RIP Carlsbad Gap

Christian Rigal – MARKIT