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In Focus: Stabilizing Footage with Jason Hernandez

This In Focus with videographer Jason Hernandez is so helpful, especially when using DSLR’s which are much more susceptible to camera shake. Some really great advice is given here, and this should be viewed by anyone (everyone) looking to make their footage a little less shaky. One thing I found rather counterintuitive is to turn image stabilization off when using a tripod. Who knew?


This is crazy.

Shooting With Minimal Gear OG Matt Price shows you how to maximize the quality of your photographs with a minimal amount of essential gear. If you have a problem with skateboarding, just pretend he’s talking about BMX. If you don’t find this mildly entertaining, picture him as Jonah Hill. Watch this and put some shoelaces in your camera bag.

Russell Houghten from The Cinematographer Project

he trippy mane.

this is also the last time I will ever tolerate watching any sort of time-lapse video (besides Koyaanisqatsi, of course.)

Kevin Kalkoff – Cover Story

“Soul Mags recent Kevin Kalkoff interview needed something a little bit special for the cover and Kevin’s long time friend Jhon Petit had something in mind. The spot in St Jean de Luz in the South of France is only ridable during low tide giving photographer Vince Perraud only a couple of hours to get the shot, this film shows you how it was done.” – Vans Europe

A tribute to Mike Tag

Ride just posted an article over on their site in memory of Tag featuring words from Leland Thurman, Steve Crandall, and Keith Mulligan  as well as a photo gallery and numerous videos. Check it out here and also check out his though the lens split part with Ralph Sinisi here.  RIP Tag.

Destroying Everything – Ricky Adam

Ricky Adam’s new photo book is available now! Purchase your copy on Ricky’s site or over on the S&M webstore.

Book trailers 1  2  3