Monthly Archives: June 2012

In Focus: Filmer Boards

Cinematographer Mike Manzoori explains the ins and outs of a filmer board in this weeks “In Focus”. Get a closer look at some of our favorite BMX filmers boards in this Props article.


Photo gallery on the union

Check out my photo gallery over on BMXunion. 15 photos from the this spring.

In Focus: Timelapses with Ricki Bedenbaugh

Skateboard filmer Ricki Bedenbaugh goes through the steps necessary to create timelapses with both an SLR camera and a video camera.

Cult’s Dehart/Swain Storm Sweepstakes Winner

So a  few months back Cult held the Dehart/Swain Storm video edit competition. Out of 50 edits submitted, Chase D. chose Ryan Olsons’s for the grand prize. The grand prize consisted of a (At the time not available yet) Chase Dehart Butter frame, fork, pedals, tons of stickers… And the bragging rights haha.

Personally could not think of a more deserving dude than Olson, has to be about the most dedicated/innovative street rider in the area. I’m more than certain you will hear more from him in the future.

So Olson hit me up a few weeks ago so we could go get a couple shots of his “Buttery” new rig and this is what we got, follow the link and hope you enjoy!

Here is the edit that got him the CULT winnings.