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In Focus: Filming Lines At Night

Manzoori goes through pretty much every option you have for on-camera lighting and breaks them down with examples. He even goes into the post-adjustments he makes to compensate for the grain incurred when shooting at higher ISO’s. All-in-all, an extremely advantageous episode.


Campus Rampus Bowl Cut

It’s OK, it grows back!

In Focus: Shooting In Bowls

Legendary skate photographer Grant Brittain drops a boatload of knowledge in this one. Most of what he is saying applies to not just shooting bowls but everywhere else too. So many good points in here, just watch it.

“I think it’s good to learn the rules first, and then break the rules.”

How Cheap Is Talk? A Few Questions With Ryan Navazio

Just a week away from the release of the new Cult DVD “Talk Is Cheap”, I wanted to talk shop with filmer/editor Ryan Navazio- because one man’s premiere date is another man’s deadline.

How close are you to being finished with the video?

All but two parts are finalized and I have two more to go. Plus the credits. Also need to plug the graphics into everything.

How many gigs of footage are you working with?

Not sure what the total is, but let’s put it this way- When I lay out peoples footage in the timeline for the first time it can be up to an hour long. I capture everything, every crash, lots of mistakes, whatever- just in case. So in the end I have tons and tons of footage that all gets cut down. But having all that stuff in front of me at the end helps me remember how the part should look. It’s hard to explain but I try and memorize all the clips, so if someone were to ask me what they have I can recite it back to them, clip for clip. It helps a lot when it comes to editing.

How many hours a day are you editing?

It’s hard to say, but probably twelve at the least. But if I’m not actually editing I’m thinking about editing, or I’m at the record store or on YouTube. I’ve been taking breaks on the weekends but that just usually ends with me being up all night.

What are the biggest challenges at this stage?

Making everything flow together. Keeping myself sane. Dealing with the tediousness of finalizing peoples parts.

At what point do you choose the songs?

The intro song was chosen two summers ago, one song was picked yesterday. I try and have all the songs picked before I start editing, and in this case, I had about half the songs before I started.

How does this video compare to the first Cult video?

It’s much longer. Double the length. Alex & Bobby have full parts. Krone has a part. And I think the overall vibe is more relaxed. I think its filmed a lot better too, for the most part.

Are you done with the VX after this?

Definitely, and unfortunately. Then again, if someone wants to hire me to film with a VX, why not?


worst lens hit ever!