“The Global Natural Gas Crisis is coming to North America”

This blog post lays out a detailed summary of the conditions of some natural gas producers in the country and points to a looming decrease in production coupled with a surge in global demand, with the US becoming the world’s top exporter.

Another post includes nice charts and factoids that back up that sentiment.

“And IF the winter of 2022–2023 is colder than normal, similar to the 2017–2018 winter, the U.S. will come dangerously close to running out of Nat Gas at the end of next winter!”

Freestyle Financial has been heavily involved in the commodities trade and we expect to see natural gas price at $15.00/Bcf by the end of the year. Our strategy is based around long-dated KOLD puts and swing trades in shares of BOIL. The recent selloff is providing a great entry point into the peak natural gas usage season.

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