AlienBees B400 flash

: 118 (with standard 7″ reflector); 220 (with 11″ reflector)

durations: 1/2000 sec. (full power); 1/1500 (1/2); 1/1250 (1/4)

power source: A/C power unit (AlienBees Vagabond battery)

plug: 1/8″ miniphone

size: 9″x7.5″x5.5″

price: $225 (msrp)

pros: Powerful, fast duration at full power, modular (wide range of dedicated accessories)

cons: Bulky, needs to be plugged in (wall or A/C battery pack)

overall: The most powerful flash under $500 for shooting action sports. Requires a fairly large battery, so you probably won’t be fitting this system into your normal backpack.

Ryan Allan uses these flashes–

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