Gear Tie By Nite Ize

I first ran across this product a few months back, at the bike shop I work at. Gear Ties by Nite Ize are flexible wire,  coated in a grippy rubber. These ties are the best! This is one of those products that can have endless purposes. They can help you get some different off camera lighting perspective, without the use of stands, clamps or  tripods?

I use these ties by wrapping a 24″ Gear Tie around my flash, then and around a tree branch, hand rail, or a friends bike. They provide a super sturdy hold. And when you’re not using them just wrap them around a light stand or tripod. Also use the small 6″ ties for keeping some of my smaller cables bundled up.

All and all, these ties have helped me get more creative with my off camera photography. I hope that maybe these ties will help you get “the shot” or just help you get more organized.