Sekonic L-358 light meter

The meter to buy (if you are going to buy one). Straight forward design, can do amient or flash readings, can be paired to PocketWizard units using the RT-32 module (definitely not a necessity, but very convenient). Can do reflective or direct light readings. I find myself not using a meter a lot of the time if I am shooting in a hurry, instead shooting a test and using the on-camera histogram to check exposure (not recommended). This is the only flash meter I have used, and pretty much the only one I see being used, besides the Minolta Auto Meter VF. It runs on 2 ‘AA’ batteries.

accessories– RT-32 module (to fire pocketwizards), ‘AA’ batteries (required)

These go for $279 new, and around $220 on ebay. The RT-32 module (to pair with pocketwizards) goes for $50 new.