Sunpak 555 flash

GN: 150

durations: 1/450 sec. (full power); 1/900 (1/2); 1/1800 (1/4)

power source: Sunpak CL-2 batteries, 6 ‘AA’ batteries, battery pack (requires dedicated module)

plug: household

size: 10″ x 4″ x 3.9″

price: $60-120 (eBay)

pros: powerful, rugged, has a swivel head, relatively affordable, can be powered down to 1/64th power for sequences, handle mount (with bracket)

cons: can’t find them new, sometimes unreliable

overall: The most popular flash for action sports. I have owned probably eight of these and I used them until they died or got taken out. Definitely the best flash you will find under $200.