Vivitar 285HV flash

GN: 140 (zoom head at tele); 120 (zoom at standard)

durations: 1/1000 sec. (full power); 1/2000 (1/2); 1/4000(1/4)

power source: 4 ‘AA’ batteries, battery pack

plug: proprietary Vivitar plug

size: 7.5” x 4” x 2.25

price: $87 (B&H); $40-80 (eBay)

pros: compact, relatively powerful, fast durations, zooming flash head

cons: flimsy hot shoe mount (and you need an adaptor to put it on a light stand), requires special Vivitar plug (which is janky)

overall: the cheapest flash for our intents and purposes. just be really careful with the hot shoe mount, it is very fragile. I have seen some be replaced with a metal mount which is smart.