Allen Ying

Allen Ying, 27, Brooklyn NY

Gear: hasselblad 2000fcw, velvia 100, provia 400X, 30, 60, 100, 150 lenses, nikon D3, 16 fish, 24-70 2.8, 2 lumedyne 200ws action packs, 3 nikon sb800s, blue pocket wizards

What got you into photography? curiosity on a fractured leg when i was 16

What inspires you to create? improvements.

What are your ideal conditions for shooting? different conditions, keeping things interesting.

What problems do you often come across as a photographer? too many. lately, environmental impact of all this plastic film, chemistry, as well as toxic materials inside fancy digital cameras.

Any favorite spots to shoot at, people to shoot with? spots i haven’t shot at before, people who know what they want to do, but struggle just a bit to do it.
Is there a particular photo that you’ve seen that you always think about?
french fred mortagne’s series in a recent tws article, i think about them. i might never understand how he sees the angles and compositions he sees. some of them are here.
Any tips or advice to beginners? look at older skate mags, shoot some film, keep shooting after you think you got one on the digital camera screen. please don’t oversharpen, don’t blow out highlights and whites, don’t have too much depth of field, don’t shoot skateboard photography if you don’t think it’s more special than any other photography. make the skateboarding look at least as magical as it is in person. this isnt just for beginners, it’s for myself and anyone really.