Mike Mastroni

Mike is the filmer and editor for the OSS team and their video ‘Football’

Basic stats: Mike Mastroni, 21, Kent Connecticut/Long Beach California, OSS Bird Gang

Gear: Panasonic DVX100A, Fish, Tripod, homemade dolly setup…no fancy stuff really.

What got you into video? Watching bmx and skate videos growing up & getting a shitty camera and filming fun little things with my friends.

What inspires you to create? Seeing my friends work really hard for every little piece of footage they get always inspires me to do the best I can on a project, be it filming or editing, to best represent their riding. Also just any great video in general always gets me stoked to find new spots, film new things, and just create something better than I did previously.

What are your ideal conditions for filming? Sunny days, visually interesting spots.

What problems do you often come across as a filmer/editor? People always being real demanding of their shit I guess, be it clips or wanting an edit done faster. Also those days where you go out with a ton of people and already know you’re not actually gonna be doing any real riding that day. Both are kind of annoying at times but you get used to it.

Are you more satisfied with the way you made ‘Football’ or your video part? I’m stoked on both really but obviously more stoked on the video as a whole. I feel like making a complete video where all the parts are good is much more important than putting out like 3 amazing sections with a buncha obvious filler stuff.

Any favorite spots to film at, people to film with? I like filming with people who take a lot of time to do things, it’s just more satisfying and always comes out better than some shit people just fire out one take…given its not something too dangerous haha.

Is there a particular clip from a video that youve seen that you always think about? Nah not really, I don’t really nerd out on stuff like that too much. Plus if thats the case, chances are there’s like 40 other clips in the video that are filmed equally as awesome. I’m definitely a fan of certain filmers tho.

Any tips or advice to the beginners? Take a minute, think about your angles, think about your camera movements, press the red button.