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Canon 1DX

18MP, 14fps and it’s full frame! $6,800.



Ryan Howard, Switch Over Grind, Akron Ohio, Fall 2010

Canon 5DII, Canon 15mm fisheye, 2x Sunpak 622, 2x Sunpak 555, 1/200 @ f/16, ISO 100

Steve Croteau, Door Hop, New York, Fall 2006



























Mamiya 7II, 80mm f/4 lens, 2x Sunpak 544, 2x Sunpak 555, Ilford HP5+

Nick Jones

Nick is a photographer from New Jersey and he has a newly updated website which can be seen here.


The Evolution of Video Cameras in BMX

Sony Xperia

And no, we aren’t actually using the QR codes at spots.

Craig Passero, 180 Barspin, Brooklyn, Fall 2010

Canon 5DII, Canon 15mm fisheye, 4x Sunpak 555’s, 1/200 @ f/8