Monthly Archives: August 2012

In Focus: DSLR Accessories

In this week’s In Focus, Mike Manzoori talks about three basic accessories we should have to accompany our DSLR for filming- an external microphone, a viewfinder and a mini tripod. He takes us through some examples and shows us how to rig some stuff ourselves. All-in-all, a very helpful video.


The Canon 3D

No, not like it shoots in three dimensions, thats just the name. It is 46mp full-frame with dual DIGIC 5+ processors. Also Canon has addressed the issue of sensor overheating and did something to help. Not sure what it is. These are all rumors I guess, everything will be unveiled at this years Photokina.

In Focus: Lenses

Skate photographer Sam McGuire goes through the three main focal lengths- fisheye, wide angle and telephoto, and how they relate to what you’re shooting.

“Don’t be scared to get in there with the fisheye, ya know?”