Skworl “She’s Her” Full DVD

A full-length video from the Skworl crew out of Minneapolis. “This is the result of over 2 years of having fun riding bikes and hanging out with friends.” Just in case you aren’t sure if you want to watch it, I wrote a short summary to help you decide.

The first clip and intro song really set the tone for the whole video- playful and spirited, generally good times.

Eric Holley has first part, and while it’s not the old Holley murdering handrails in the rain, it’s still an amazing section.

Mark Schlegel has good-looking 360’s and does a few crazy wallrides toward the end of his part.

Mike Gelle, the co-creator of the video, rides a freecoaster (no surprise there, most filmers/photographers do) and does a noteworthy halfcab on a nice looking spot.

Cole Nelson keeps it real with some sprocket grinds and even a disaster stall to fakie.

Friends section- that hair, right?! Damn. I like this song a lot and this section is edited well. Those last handrail clips almost made me piss myself. Psyched he finally pulled it.

Mike Olsen/Trevor Thompson split part- besides the obvious similarities in bike setups, one can conclude by the structure of the section that these two are probably really good friends. The song fits nicely- the piano intro with that first doubles clip really sets the mood for this light-hearted section.

Boden Berg does a bump jump off the wheel of a beach cruiser to bonk on the basket, along with a slew of other mainly entertaining tricks. Someone who would keep a session fun.

Lee Mies has a variety of moves and does a couple stunning nosebonks. Not afraid of gaps.

Nick Anderson closes out the video with a bang doing some astounding hard 180’s and rail moves with an awesomely peppy style. I love the two ice 270’s on that bank to sub- it looks like he could easily keep spinning out.

Then there’s around five minutes of outtakes, really funny stuff- the clip of the two guys doing a nollie to manual off that dock and both falling made me laugh out loud.

All-in-all, a very entertaining video from the Skworl guys. You can tell these guys have fun, or the editor did a great job of making it seem like they do. No insight into the meaning of the name, though.

What do you think?

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