My Friend Dean Watson by J. Mike Kuhn

Dean Watson is one person I’m always stoked to shoot. He is an aspiring stunt man, gymnast, musician, is saved as Dean Don Juan Watson in my phone and his style while riding any bike is a treat to watch. His sense of humor, fun loving attitude and creativity make him an awesome person to spend time with on and off bikes. I have been riding/shooting with him for 8 years and he has become one of my best friends in that time. Dean’s family is very musical and theatrical at times which explains why Dean is amazing with every instrument I’ve seen him play. He used to be an instructor at Shields Skatepark (until it recently closed forever) where he taught kids how to skate, scooter and ride. When not working at the skatepark he was also a gymnast instructor at Shields Gymnastics. He also is the guy who may scream BRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPP as he does the meanest moto whip over a box jump moments after getting to the skate park, as well as the guy who lets a scooter kid ride his bike while Dean unexpectedly does a flair on the kid’s scooter before giving it back. He is currently in Arizona again finishing his part for Bobby Kanode’s video Mediocre At Best. The footage of the shots we have taken recently will not be in his part, but will be in a future edit.

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dean playing drums in basement music studioDean Watson, jammin’


dean 270 rear tire jam270 tire jam


dean dam bar gap 1barspin gap


Dean ds handplantdownside handplant


dean gap to Vertical smithsmith stall


dean invert hiphip table


dean gap bonkchannel gap to bonk


dean tooth up pop overtooth up to over


Dean Watson Bump euro over fencebump euro


dean back tuck bike checkstuntin’


dean bumpjump 180 railhopbumpjump 180 railhop

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