“Bob’s Last Photo” by Agus Glauber

bob last photo

Agus from Buenos Aires emailed me the other day with a photograph and some tragic news to go with it. His friend German “Bob” Torre had passed away unexpectedly and this photograph was the last to be made of him.

“That was my first picture of 2014, and my last picture of him. The first time we thought of shooting that barspin, we were passing by the spot (on the way to local public park, were we go pretty much everytime we ride), but he was with a headache, so, we continued our way to the park, to meet our friends.

The next weekend, while passing again by the spot, we talked about doing it, but it was waaay too hot, like being out in the desert, and none of us was in a riding mood, and I did not want to push him to do it, so, we, again, continued our way to the park to meet our friends like every time we are out riding.

A few hours later that day, the sun was coming down, and we were all chilling and doing nothing at the park because of the heat, so at a moment, we felt like, lets do something, instead of nothing. I looked at him, and said ‘lets go, lets take it’, just one second after I finished talking, he started pedalling, so we begun our ride back to the spot. As soon as we got there, he was like ‘find the angle you want and let me know when you are ready’, I just said OK to him, but thought to myself ‘Hah, this guy is going to do a crazy barspin over a crete structure, with a decent bunnyhop height and all, and asks ME to let him know when I am ready’.

A moment later, after looking the lading spot from above the structure, he went back, started pedalling up the run, hopped, throw bars/catch bars, landing it perfectly.

The picture was taken exactly half way the rotation, perfect bars position, and his too, nothing of that careless leaned-back style most do, he was as precise as a swiss clock. as soon as I put my eyes on the LCD screen, I hear him say ‘Let me know if it wasn’t good I can do it again, no problem’. Things like that happened everytime I went out with the camera when riding.”

One response to ““Bob’s Last Photo” by Agus Glauber

  1. Thanks for showing this. Bob will be missed.

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