Internetography Contest

mono screenshot

Here’s a contest that pretty much everyone who can read this can enter. All it takes is the ability to watch a video and take a screenshot.

I don’t know if a lot of other people notice, but I oftentimes see a shot in a video that I would have loved to be able to shoot a photo of. Now is our chance to kinda do that. The photo above is from Cult‘s “Small Talk“. It’s Diego “Mono” Navarro boosting a stylish toboggan at a great looking spot. The clip is super clean but this frame can stand by itself as a great photograph (pretty low-quality but still).

There is a weird grey-area here where the filmer of the video is actually getting the shot, but you, as an intetnetographer, are capturing a single frame from the video and re-contextualizing it. The person who filmed the trick is ultimately the photographer, but you are the one pointing it out. In this specific case, Mono set up the angle himself- he would (should) get most of the credit for this beautiful shot.

Given the amount of videos uploaded to the internet these days, there should be no shortage of material. You can use any video that has been uploaded this year. Be sure to include the name of the edit (or URL) and rider (also filmer, if you know it- if not, we will figure it out) in the submission. You get three submissions. Send them into us directly (include “Internetography” in the title) or you can upload onto Instagram and use #internetography.

So it’s pretty simple- watch a video, pause it on the frame that you want to shoot and take a screenshot. There are various methods to this explained by this website dedicated to taking screenshots. Send it in and possibly win some stuff. Deadline is December 31st.

What do you think?

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