Ben Smith’s Photography Site

Up and coming photographer (and filmer, the man behind WHTHOUSBen Smith has a new portfolio site with a bunch of tight action / lifestyle photos he calls “Triple-Beam” which you can check out here. I hit him with a few questions about it which you can check below.

What’s up?  Hey what’s up! I have been pretty busy lately. Just got back from California to escape the winter weather. Been healing up from a back injury this summer, so I have focused more on shooting photos and filming with my time.

Where are you from and how long have you been shooting?   I’m from Helena, Montana. I have been shooting seriously for a about a year and a half. Mainly just 35mm and disposable cameras. And in the last 6 months I have gotten into digital.

Did you make the site yourself?  I did make the site myself, using a popular website hosting program. I didn’t write the code or anything like that.

How often do you think you’ll be updating it?  I’m planning to update it regularly with new galleries of work that I have been slowly stacking. I am always shooting photos, whether it’s within bmx or not.

Did it take a while to pick out exactly what you wanted to display on there?  Not too long actually, I have been slowly putting photos I like aside in a folder for the site. Of course you go back and forth on some of them, but I had a good idea of how I wanted it to look.

Are you currently working on anything new for it? I am working on a flat rail gallery, which should be done in the spring. It is showcasing flat rail tricks, which are usually not the most interesting for a bmx photo, but will be portrayed in a unique way through the location of the rail.

View Ben’s site here.

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