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“Departures” Out Now


We’ve been working on this project for the last month and we’re please to announce the release of our first zine titled and themed “Departures”. It’s 36 pages with contributions from across the world in the name of BMX and all it entails. This first issue is humble beginning, being printed from my desktop printer and assembled by hand. Each issue has it’s own nuances (ink stains/color shifts) that make it unique from the others. Grab one here. If you’d like to contribute to the next issue, feel free to email us – pushitastop at

2nd Nature’s Bike Night web video.


Whats Good! 35 minutes North of NYC lays upon 2nd Nature Skatepark. During these freezing cold winter months, skaters & bike riders have no other indoor to shred.(Beside 5050 )

Thankfully 2nd Nature allows BMX riders to come shred 8-12 PM on Wednesday nights. It’s sick because you get a tight knit group of riders from the surrounding metropolitan area. A Couple of the guys from Merritt & locals decided to throw down in front of the camera.

The camera I used to shoot this chopped web edit is a Nikon D750 with a small arsenal of lenses. I paid 15 bucks for admission to film but it was worth it to get a couple tricks in for a 4 hour session. To be honest, it was one of the best moments this winter. ‘Twas my first time this year at 2nd Nature, and won’t be my last until it warms up. I managed to put together this tight knit filming rig that packs a punch at a decent price. (Excluding the body/lens).

  • RODE Video GO Mic $85.00 -Ebay
  • Neewer Aluminum Camera Cage- $60.00
  • Some Chinese DSLR filming light. $30.00

This is what I documented. Enjoy.

-Zach Honahan

Stephan August “All In Good Time”

Booty Groceries comes through again

Animal Bikes “FACTS”

DIG – “Split Personality” Mike Manzoori Interview


DIG caught up with the one-and-only Mike Manzoori to talk about his current project with etnies and switching between roles in BMX and skateboarding. A couple quotes I pulled-

“The landscape of videos has changed. ‘Grounded’ was a DV project. The level of video production has been raised since ‘Grounded’. We’ve been flooded with amazing toys that are now affordable, so you can get higher level production quality without spending a fortune… I feel a lot more pressure on me to do good. It’s not just capturing the tricks, but telling a whole story. It’s a lot more fun.”

“…the last few years I’ve been trying to shake the fisheye. Every video, skate or bike, has a lot of fisheye shots. It has it’s place, but it’s nice to leave that lens until you really need it and see what else you can do.”

“Chasing Kyle Emery-Peck” by Terry Barentsen

Exciting video from our buddy Terry Barentsen featuring our other buddy Kyle Emery-Peck


Another reason why Tony Malouf is one of my favorite filmers/editors and the entire FIT team is on another level.

WTP Dillon Lloyd BUCK Promo

Fit Bike Co. “HOLLA WOOD”

Ben Austin

Some photos from Minneapolis-based Ben Austin