is a website dedicated to photography and videography surrounding action sports. Through tutorials and product reviews, Push It A Stop aims to benefit the professional, guide the amateur and teach the beginner.

We are always looking for contributions– If you decide you’d like to help the effort, we can make you an editor or just give you a credit and link for adding an entry.

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4 responses to “PUSH IT A STOP

  1. Is there a story behind the company name?

    • to “push it a stop” means to leave film in developing solution for a longer amount of time, thus creating a more dense and usable negative from an underexposed image. check out the glossary of terms on this site.

  2. Hi im a beginner at photography i was wonder what camera you would recomend
    and how do i get involved in action sport photography

  3. i just purchased a rebel t2i body and mainly going to use it for filming. i am purchasing a decent lens today for mainly photographic shots,so i am looking for the BEST widest angle/fish eye there is. something to make the art of riding look even more pure than it already is. so pretty much i am just looking for the Martin Scorsese of lenses for my canon rebel t2i

    thanks for everything the site is great! i hope to become more advanced in the art of pushing buttons now that i can afford them! and hope to be a part of this as well.

    thanks, spirasbmx

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