Paul C. Buff Einstein 640WS strobe

Dimensions: 7″ H x 5.4″ W x 7.8″ L

Price: $500

Sync plug: standard 1/8 headphone. The Einstein can be fired wirelessly with the PCB CyberSync system.

Power Source:  A/C compatible.

Flash Duration:

In Action Mode:

1/588 @ full power 1/13,000 @ min.

In constant color mode:

1/588 @ full power to 1/8000 @ min.




The Einstein is unique in many ways, for instance it has two operating modes:

Constant color mode:

In this setting the light emits the same Kelvin temperature throughout the whole power range. At 5600k the flash duration only fluctuates +/- 50 in temp. Also, the minimum speed is 1/8000th.

Action Mode:

In action mode, the temperature increases from 5600k to 6400k, so for Action mode is meant to put duration first over color consistency, with duration of 1/2000 at half power.


Pros: Flash duration is the highlight of these lights. Also simple to use, straight forward to the user, definitely worth the weight!

Cons: With all Paul C. Buff strobes the usual complaint is how bulky and heavy they can be. One Einstein weights a total 4 pounds 5 ounces.

Overall: Moving from standard hot shoe flashes to these guys goes without saying has changed the whole way I think with lights. That is a good thing; I suggest them for any action shooter but be ready for a bigger bag!


by Wes McGrath

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