Tamrac Micro Sync II System


Tamrac’s Micro Sync II wireless radio strobe sync system has the honor of being the first photography product tested and reviewed for TCU. Many of the BMX photos you see online and in the magazines have been lit with off camera strobes triggered with a radio system. I was sent the Micro Sync II kit, along with an extra receiver, to try out and I am happy to share my thoughts on the system following a successful shoot with Mike Mastroni.


What is it? If you are new to photography, or lighting with strobes, you are probably wondering what you are looking at. The Micro
Sync II system features a radio transmitter and a receiver; the transmitter mounts onto your camera’s hotshoe and the receiver plugs into the strobe.

First Impressions: I was surprised by just how small the transmitter is. It’s great because you don’t want to be adding something bulky and clumsy to the top of your camera if you don’t have to. I also found it really convenient that I could plug the receiver directly into my strobes (Einstein 640’s) and avoid having to use a cable.


Setup and Test: Pretty much all you have to do is throw the batteries in the receiver and you are good to go. I had a couple of misfires initially, but after following the simple troubleshooting tips I synchronized the channels and it worked just fine. Following a simple test inside my apartment, I met up with Mike Mastroni to give it a go at a spot. It’s one thing to for it to work indoors, confined to the very limited range that my living room provided, but it’s another to function in a real world setting. Fortunately the Micro Sync II performed flawlessly during my light tests, so gave him the green light, and we came away with the shot no problem.

My Thoughts: What’s most important with a radio sync system is that you can trust the strobes to trigger reliably, and the Micro Sync II proved itself in that regard. Another strong selling point is that the Micro Sync II Kit (one transmitter and one receiver) retails for around $130, making it less expensive than many other options out there. After factoring in its reliable performance, ease of use, and cost I’d definitely recommend it as a good system for those looking to start shooting with off camera strobes.


What do you think?

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