The Navi Handle

The Navi Handle will be available on August 1st.

*Base model shown in pics
Optional accessories will be available to customize the handle


9.25″ long
7.5″ wide (shoe mount bracket)
6″ wide (handle body)
8″ height overall


3.2lbs (base model)

6061-T6 aluminum. Fully CNC Machined
321 stainless steel hardware


Intergrated Canon RC-6 wireless remote to have the record button at the press of your thumb. (Canon body cameras only)
Adjustable top camera shoe mount to fit any brand DSLR body
Quick release camera mounting, no tools needed
5 adjustable upper handle positions
5 adjustable camera mount positions
Dual sided shoe mount for external mic, light, or other accessories
1/4-20 mount for tripod
Interchangeable segmented spacers to counter-balance the weight of different lenses
Additional mounts for other camera accessories. Fingertip aperture adjust, camera scroll wheel adjust (available shortly)


100% Made in USA

19 responses to “The Navi Handle

  1. I was just wondering how to purchase the navvy handle thanks for your time

  2. yo where can i buy this???

  3. Where can I order this online

  4. Eazy Handle all day! And 400 dollars is not much. It’s his father making them pretty lo-tech, I bet.

  5. Michael brunswick

    Where can i buy this product from for my dslr

  6. beeeeefin!!

  7. Jason Hernandez

    WOW! congratulations you guys… You only copied the Eazy handle design in
    1. The shape
    2. The look
    3. The color scheme
    4. The rods system
    5. The spacers
    6. The 1/4-20’s on the base plate
    7. The hot shoe bracket on top, although I do like how long your’s is.

    You see I actually have the respect to compliment you on something, I think is a good (new idea) for instance your wording on your “features”should read like this.

    Adjustable top camera -BLAH BLAH -JUST LIKE THE EAZY HANDLE
    Quick release camera mounting -BLAH BLAH -JUST LIKE THE EAZY HANDLE
    5 adjustable upper -BLAH BLAH -JUST LIKE THE EAZY HANDLE
    5 adjustable came -BLAH BLAH -JUST LIKE THE EAZY HANDLE
    Interchangeable segmented -BLAH BLAH -JUST LIKE THE EAZY HANDLE

    So far your company and Opteka have been the only 2 companies with no creativity or uniqueness on design, aside from your record button, I think that is a good idea. You haven’t done anything different.
    Kudos to you guy’s and Opteka for your lack of creativity, research on design, and overall laziness to do something new and better.
    Jason Hernandez

    • Have a fucking cry! That fact that you charge filmers $400 for a handle is a fucking joke! You make a living off filming skateboarding why don’t you give a bit back to the people who buy your stuff and make it cheaper!


      You need to chill the fuck out you cocky douche bag. This handle looks 1000 times better than that tilted piece of shit you’re selling for 400 bucks!

      Stop being a fucking insecure baby, do you really think that no one in the fucking world will sooner or later come up with something at least similar to your shitty handle?

      I’m from Russia and guess what you fucking cunt, I’m gona make a 100% copy of your cheesy handle…good luck on sueing me!

    • Lets be honest Jason.

      Adjustable top camera – Obvious
      Quick release camera mounting – Obvious, just like any rig.
      5 adjustable upper -Obvious for convenience
      5 adjustable came -Obvious for different cameras
      Dual sided sho -Obvious, many rigs feature this
      1/4-20 moun -MOST if not ALL rigs have this
      Interchangeable segmented -Once again obvious!

      So with all due respect, maybe your design wasn’t all that innovative, all you can really moan about is the shape. Half the things you pointed out are things that i was trying to include on a handle i was using for my own personal use before the eazy handle was released. They actually added things like the remote which is a great touch, and is no doubt cheaper than your offerring.

  8. looks awesome , price will be the biggest factor

  9. Well when and where can I buy one?

  10. Just wondering when and where I can purchase this! Kudos on the design I love it! And also will it fit my 7d with grip? Look forward to hearing from you.

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