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This Summer’s Best Edits

Felix at his finest! Big tech, tech big, switch-footed magic… Inspiring. Very cool editing and a warming soundtrack. This is like, his seventh video to come out this year.
Devon… The general consensus is that this edit is criminally under-watched and I cannot disagree- their loss! Every edit of Devon is better than the last. Shouts to Eddie and Veesh for making this one happen.
This one is a little out of our wheelhouse (all the ramps and such) but a very entertaining watch. Alex Hiam is one of my favorite riders to watch. Always exciting and unexpected!
And the Kink team becomes more unstoppable! Anthony makes it look easy.

Parano Garage – Introduction Retrospection

If you weren’t watching the Parano Garage team intro edits as they came out over the past couple months, you kinda missed some amazing riding. Luckily, this compilation edit was made and your mistakes have been forgiven. DON’T FUCK THIS UP. HIT PLAY.