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Elf by Matt Windsor


Salt Lake Sundays

“This was one of those makeshift spots that could only be hit a couple times, due to the fact that the fence was already on its last legs. Elf smashed into it a few times before giving it this X up tap and nearly bringing the whole thing down.” –Matt Windsor

Manny Kilpack by Matt Windsor


Salt Lake Sundays

“Salt Lake’s industrial areas always have a few good things tucked away in them. Manny Kilpack put this concrete factory to good use with a turndown off the side of a support beam.” –Matt Windsor

Troy “Six” Spear by Matt Windsor


Salt Lake Sundays

“Troy “Six” Spear is a goddamn lunatic. Getting to ride with him is always entertaining, because he will throw himself at anything that happens to be in his way. This DIY spot under a bridge downtown is a haven on rainy days, and Six handled this wallride gap like it was no big deal.”

Trent Steel by Matt Windsor


Salt Lake Sundays

“The Rail Gardens on the eastern bench of the Salt Lake Valley has been heavily hit up for years, with Dave Thompson’s Killjoy ender being the most infamous. Trent Steel laced up this perfect rail with a pedal crook on one of the last days of summer.” –Matt Windsor

Brady Tweedy by Matthew Windsor


Salt Lake Sundays

“This abandoned school has showed up in a few different videos over the years, and the various stickers slapped on the broken drinking fountains around the campus leave a paper trail of dudes that have gotten something done on this spot. Brady Tweedy showed up to this spot and dropped an over crank on this rail, which I’m 99.9% certain is an NBD.” –Matthew Windsor

Braden Ross by Matthew Windsor


Salt Lake Sundays

“This is another classic spot in the SLC suburbs that hasn’t seen much action recently. This part of the bank is super mellow, but it didn’t stop Braden Ross from double pegging the shoulder height pipe attached to the wall just as the sun went down.”

Cam Wood by Matthew Windsor


“Salt Lake Sundays”

On a cold, windy day last winter, I was downtown riding a ledge spot by myself, as usual. At the time, I had recently picked up my bike after a five year hiatus and a move across state lines, and I didn’t know a single other rider in SLC. As I was riding this ledge, a crew of about 8 dudes showed up and started sessioning that spot with me. It’s somewhat intimidating to be trying to re-learn basic tricks in front of local shredders as well as a couple dudes you grew up watching in videos, but after introducing myself I just kind of fell in with them. Chills not skills, right? As the weather warmed up, sessions picked up, and I quickly learned not to leave my camera bag at home. Because of the overbearing Mormon influence so prevalent in the state, Utah more or less completely shuts down on Sundays, allowing access to pretty much every spot in the city. Winter is about to hit us like a ton of bricks again, but I’m stoked to be able to share some of my favorite photos from the past year of Sunday cruising.

Cam Wood is pretty well known for doing some wild shit in unexpected places. After a few 180s out of this fountain in front of an old folks’ home, the entire sidewalk looked like it got hit by a tidal wave and the fountain had been almost totally emptied out.