Beer and Film Tour

Out for a while with a broken leg, I’m constantly looking for things to keep my mind off missing the best sessions of the year weather-wise. I found a great event here in Athens, Ga sponsored by New Belgium Brewing Company. They are big supporters of bike riding in any form, and highly encourage pedaling over driving when possible. They sponsor many events promoting their responsibility to the environment and their passion for all things bicycle related.  The event I’m heading to is a stop on their “Clips of Faith Beer and Film Tour“. It features sampling 16 of their “Lips of Faith” brews, local vendor’s food, and projector showings of homemade movies from “kayaking buddies navigating grizzlies and whales on a paddling trip from Alaska to Seattle, to an absurdist spaghetti western about a flat tire (and some beer). There are visual odes to people’s love affairs with their bikes, assorted comedy shorts, and thought-provoking environmental pieces.”

Want to feel productive/eco-friendly? Check out their Team Wonderbike campaign, and sign yourself up! “Team Wonderbike is a laughing war whoop, a social movement, an opening salvo in the campaign to greatly increase the use of one of mankind’s greatest inventions, the bicycle.

I’ll  try to snap a few pictures of the event and share them. Have a good Friday evening!

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