Hague’s DSLR Motion-Cam stabilizer

As with most good things, I think moderation is key, and “glidecam” footage is no exception. I am however, very impressed at the footage these can help produce when used correctly. I remember when I had my Canon HV30, the Hauge mini motion cam was one of the top accessories I wanted, but never bought. It often got great reviews as a budget stabilizer for the smaller HD camera. I’d even considered buying one for my HDSLR setup, but now they have made a version for HDSLR shooters in particular. The reviews are a little mixed, and there is competition mentioned in the form of the Flycam Nano. Also, check out Cheesycam’s review of the Flycam Nano. I’ve found that Cheesycam often has some great budget and often quality solutions for some DSLR video and photo accessories.

note: There are loads of other stabilizers out there, and there are surely much higher quality builds as well. This is an attempt to show some budget solutions, that don’t necessarily scream cheap equipment in the final project. Also, don’t disregard Glidecam’s offerings. At around $285,for the 2000PRO, and $330 for the HD1000,  it is sort of close competition for the budget stabilizers, and it  may be the top choice based on Glidecam’s proven quality.

Hague DSLR Motion-Cam test

Flycam Nano test-

Very impressive use of glidecam style footage-


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