Photo of the Week: Phil Miklovich

I was drawn to the strong vertical lines in the photograph, and the colors are very pleasing to me. TJ’s red hat really makes him pop out of the image. The lighting is good and the action is sharp.

“Rolling around New Haven, Connecticut with the shredder Tj Bank, we found this dope wheelchair ramp rail-hop. This was the last photo I ever shot with my Nikon D3100 along with the Nikkor 55-300. The settings were 1/200s, F5.6, ISO 400, and shot @70mm. I used two Vivitar 285HV’s infront and behind the ramp @ 1/1 power triggered by cactus v4’s. While shooting this, we had a huge crowd of random people standing behind me mad sketchy playing 20 questions about what’s going on. Once Tj did the railhop, they started to spazz out which made me super stoked.”

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