Photo of the Week: Ivan Maslarov

I chose this photo because of the lighting, composition and colors. The hidden flash behind the wall adds a nice contrast to the scene, the frame is filled but not cluttered and the colors are pleasing and not too loud. Although it’s a digi crop, there are far worse things going on in the digital photography world.

“It was a very cold day but we still decided to venture out to the streets. I’ve been told that one shouldn’t go in this neighborhood unless with a large crew. But the temptation was great as I just got my pocket wizards and the spots had a lot of character. It was windy,wet, it was getting dark and flashes were flying to the floor. This was the last spot for the day and Sve was a little reluctant to ride it as the bank is way steeper then it seems. I shot a few direct ones as I felt a simple composition will work but at the moment I decided to try out to include the other wall I realized that it makes for a very dramatic composition with an interesting intersecting shapes. Big thanks to Stephen for being my intelligent tripod as the light that be was holding was the one that made the picture. Canon430 and metz48 each side, diffused. With them being the main light it must have been some fast speed and slow aperture. EF35,2 on 5d MK2. 1/200th @ f/2.5, ISO 400”

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