Photo of the Week: Dave Raffa

jwg by dave raffa

My favorite part of this photo is the ambience- it almost seems like a movie set. The frame is filled completely, with no sky showing. It’s filled without being cramped or cluttered. Those newspaper boxes are nicely color coordinated. The lighting is dialed and the timing is perfect. I would love to see this printed large.

“Jeff and I shot this photo a while back in New Brunswick NJ. Jeff with glasses aka, Jeff Ludwig aka, the Cardlord sometimes rides in between working double shifts as the box factory. This particular day we were session-ing a classic New Bruns spot and I threw out the photo idea. It would make a sick photo if someone could hanger this little bike rack. The run up was short, bumpy, and you have to turn at it. What most would consider Anti-hop city. That didn’t seem to bother Jeff. A few minutes later a trail rolls in. With the train in the background and, the NJ transit logo right in the shot, we had to shoot it. So I set up my gear as Jeff analyzed the run up. Jeff landed it first take. I was happy with mostly everything, with the exception of the small shadow on his rear wheel. Jeff was down for another try. I adjusted my flash angle and we’re good to go. Whelp, anti-hop got the best of Jeff that time. He basically toothed the front of the rail and went OTB. He was cool about it. Jeff is the man. Sorry Jeff! 50mm F4.5 1/400th iso 200 Three Flashes.”

Check out Dave’s website here.

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