Photo of the Week: Agus Glauber

agus potw

For this week’s photo, I decided to keep it simple and choose a natural light B&W image. My absolute favorite part about the photo is the interest from not only the passerby, but also her dog. They are both so amazed by the most simple physics of BMX. Who knows what the fuck the dog is actually thinking, but I’m sure that woman doesn’t see BMX everyday, and so when a kid on a bike is pedaling pretty fast at nothing in particular, it draws attention from pedestrians. Even a simple hop can brighten someone’s day.

“This picture was taken on a day cruising near Timo’s house, looking for new spots to film/shoot pictures at. This was the second spot we found within the same block, and since it’s a kindergarden, we had to wait just 5 minutes till all the moms and dads take them kids home. Once it was closed, before starting to film, we both thought of taking a simple hop gap picture, to get a cassual and improvised look; since in the end, that was our thing there, just cruising around with nothing premeditated, it was a very natural caption. While riding there, several people got mad at us for riding the kindergarden facilities, saying we were causing structural damages, even when it was clearly noticeable my friend was using nothing but both his air-filled wheels. This picture was the second try, the first one wasn’t as tight as this one, plus I got some distracting group of people in the background. The passerby and her dog add some interest to the picture so I called this one done. This was taken with my simple digital setup, just a D60 and a 50 1.8 prime. The crop was necessary because the building’s balcony on top was full of distracting objects, so was the area at the left of the stairset. Including the passerby and her dog was a must.”

Check out Agus’ Flickr and Tumblr.

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