Photo of the Week: Leo Furmansky

leo f

This week’s photo is proof that you don’t need a rider to be doing a crazy trick to make a great photograph. I’ve always been a fan of the super-wide environmental shot and this is a prime example. The most difficult part is lighting the rider without having the light source in the photo, but Leo did a great job with this. It’s busy but not cluttered. This would make a perfect magazine cover.

“We shot this just east of I-35 on this huge hill which has the banks that Shane gapped over the stairs. It’s funny I actually didn’t like this photo because I felt like I could’ve gotten more of the road into the city but with the bushes in the way of the bump and the pole sticking out of the ground I couldn’t shoot it how I wanted. I was actually bummed all night until I realized everybody loved the shot. I’m my own worse critic. I like to be hard on myself so I usually don’t know if its good or not.

I had one Vivitar 285 HV at 1/2 power off to the left side of the subject (Shane Goldstein) on a light stand.

I was shooting with a Canon 1D Mark II N with my newly purchased (same day) Canon 70-200 L f/4 I seriously fell in love with it its amazing what kind of composition you can come up with a telephoto lens.

The picture was shot at 1/320 sec. at f/5.6”

Check out more of Leo’s work here.

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