“Manual” Trails Photo Book

“For over a year we have been compiling a collection of photographs that sums up a trails riders’ common philosophy. “Manual” is a photography book telling stories about good guys who grew up together (or not) around a passion : digging jumps, going fast and flying high with their bikes. Even if sometimes they don’t know each other, all the contributors have put all their efforts to catch rare moments and share incredible photographs of their good times in the woods. After compiling these materials, we have mixed the photos our way and have tried to extract the essence of what trails means to us all. Surprises garanteed, even for the contributors!

As decided originally, this is a non-profit project. And as you may know, printing a nice book costs a lot of money. However, we decided to do it without sponsors and without any advertising, to maintain our independence. All of this to create a book exactly how we wanted it: 100% home-made, thanks to the talents of the international trails community.

We are about to launch a pre-sale of the book on www.banosdistro.com and we have put deadlines for the orders to launch the printing at the end of june (so we’ll print as much as ordered): PRE-SALE FROM JUNE 10th TO JUNE 30th.”

What do you think?

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