Photo of the Week: Casey Smith


“I shot this photo of Aaron Robinson at Northside Skatepark in Norfolk, VA on April 19th of this year. Although it was a few months ago, I specifically remember shooting this because it was during a bowl jam that I put on.

There were two things that really made this photo difficult to achieve; the first being the framing. Previous to shooting, I noticed the gap in the tree line could cradle a rider jumping that hip perfectly, but it took me multiple tries to get the timing and angle just right; luckily Aaron’s tables are so on point, he was able to do them over and over.

The second issue I ran into while shooting this was the weather. Although unnoticeable in the photo, the winds were horribly gusty (35mph to be exact) and this specific skatepark is landscaped with mulch and wood chips, so debris was flying everywhere. This combination creates an extremely difficult situation for the rider, especially when jumping a seven foot tall hip, but Aaron handled it very well.

I was very pleased with the final product, not only because I captured one of Aaron’s perfect tabletops (I have repeatedly claimed that he has the best tables in Virginia), but the fact that I captured a memory from that day which will now stick with me forever.

Technical data:

Canon 60D
Canon 18-135mm
ISO 500
Zoomed to 39mm”

Check out more of Casey’s work here.

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