Photo of the Week: Fabien Gane by Kevin Proust


This week’s photo is filled with symmetry and shapes, colors and textures. The trick is simple, but for a photograph like this, the trick doesn’t need to be crazy. The timing of the barspin is perfect- the front wheel is at 6 o’clock. The composition is precise and the framing of the action is neatly placed in front of a broad section of white wall.

“That was just a cold session between two rainy days in October 2012.
We wanted to shoot some “slopes” and this place situated at “Palais Sur Vienne” (a small town next to Limoges in France) is perfect for that.
It’s a spot where you can just about do anything: manuals, walls etc… and the marble is very clean to ride on.
To take this photo, I setup my gear across the street allowing me to take advantage of a distant view of the place. One difficulty was to avoid the flow of cars that would go in front of the lens. The lack of light obliged me to go up to 1600 ISO and open at f4 on my 70-200 Canon, to obtain a fast speed for this trick and therefore eliminate the motion blur, not having tripod and strobist with me.
With this frame, I wanted to show the symmetry of the place with the 4 cones in the foreground and the separation of the background in two part because of the pillar in the center and draw forward the color associated with the subject.
The only thing left to do was for Fab to do a beautiful Bar Spin on the right side of the setting and for me to take the shot at the apropriate time.

Canon 50D
ISO 1600

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