Brian Barnhart Updates

barnhart updates


I’m writing to update you about my zine “Casual Encounters from Empire to Lonestar”, which documents my time leaving NYC and living in Austin, Texas last winter/spring. Its filled with photos and stories of riding, adventure, portraits, music and my general lifestyle. The entire zine is online at, where you can also purchase a real paper copy (the way it is meant to be viewed). At this point, original editions are sold out, but Magcloud prints one-off copies just for you.

My site also includes images from my latest art show “Golden Hours”, which documents coast to coast travels from this past summer. A zine from that trip is in the works. “Casual Encounters in the Pacific Northwest” is also up to view. Check out and follow my new instagram and tumblr. Attached are some images from the site.

As for me, I am in PA working until the new year. 2014 will bring a cross country trip (the slow way, south through Austin) and relocation to Portland, Oregon, where my girlfriend and I plan to call home. I wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and I hope hang out or work together soon. Feel free to share.

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