“Kicking Around” Film by Tripe Tree

A short film from Brazil about the thrill of street riding and the love for an unknown/unknowable future around each corner and down every alley of a city. Spectacular cinematography and a heartfelt message.

I got a roughly translated behind-the-scenes account from director/filmer/editor/co-writer Germano Gamba:

Well, me and my friend Julyanno started riding bmx before you even know that it took that name. Surely with our 14 or 15 years to really begin to understand this universe s what he meant to us. We live in a town very large n then we have only one bmx itself in mid-2009 over the internet because everything is happening slowly here on the bmx.

We started in Dirts but did not have much time to ride because we worked from 13 years to keep the bike moving, and if that was not enough we could not have the same long dirts because the owners of the land to put them down . That was really sad but it broke new ground , began to venture into the street since our houses were far from unique skate park . And the street was really where we learn virtually all tricks and movements that we know . Surely as every young man who begins to walk wanted to learn as many tricks and get support to maintain and live bmx bike . But bmx was so grateful to his teachings and good times that we did not want more learn the best tricks but make the cutest possible , as if it were a work of art !

Other difficulties appeared the worst .. Lesions , particularly I almost lost my left leg with a compound fracture en different my friend , but always were one supporting each other and going against our parents who supported us and did not realize that this was more than a sport that was our life!

On this film, we wanted to show a little than think about BMX, to go up against this madness trick trick in the world of BMX.
We film all our rides in our own city (many say they have no places to walk here , but in my opinion ride on the street is having creativity ) so with a more artistic language, film or if you prefer, use only 2 DLSR cameras and some old lens and a lot of creativity and patience e sensibility to chose the best angles.

All features we use
Camera : Canon 600D ( T3i ) and Canon 650D ( T4i )
Eos Lens : Canon 18-55 kit , Canon 70 – 300mm 4.0
Analogic Lens : Yashica ML 50mm 1.9 , 50mm 1.4 Yashica M42 , Pentacon 135mm 2.8 M42 , M42 Revuenon 35mm 2.8
Microphone : Shenggu SG -108
Suports : Black Lambel , Gazslider , Gaz Smartstabil Mini

Started filming in March 2013 and the interrupt filming in July 2013 because Julyanno crashed at work (he fall on the head of a roof as cleaned, and spent several days in a coma with a serious head trauma, but he recovered 100% and we were able to release the film with images that had until then)

Check out the official website for the film here.

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