Photo of the Week: Jeff Witthans

jeff withans potw

I’ve said it before- the tuck no-hander is one of my least favorite tricks. However, this photograph transcends my distaste for the tuck and I’m pleased to present this week’s photo. There’s a perfect balance of dirt and trees, with the rider nestled comfortably in the dark area of pine. The red shirt plays off the green background quite amazingly and the small speckles of dark blue evening sky combined with his orange grips round off a pleasing color palette. The lighting is great, the timing is on point and using the dirt in the foreground in the bottom-left corner keeps your eye contained within the image.

“This photo is of my buddy Augie Adee doing a tuck no hander in Bakersfield, CA. I haven’t really shot much at his house this year so, when I got a text saying Mike Saavedra and a group of guys from France who he calls the French Connection were coming to town I grabbed my gear and drove over to Augie’s house. He has an amazing back yard set up going from crazy dirt jumps to a mini ramp. I had to wait until the sun began to go down so they could ride the trails, soon the sun went down enough to shoot. I decided to set up my flashes on the second jump that’s a right hand hip after I got everything set up, I began to shoot a few shots as they warmed up. and like always my cowboy studios trigger began to not want to work on my main flash after I put some fresh batteries in it fired. After I got my flashes figured out Augie threw this amazing looking tuck which he had to do twice. I would like to thank Augie for having to do this twice.

Canon T3i
Canon 55-250 lens
Canon 270ex flash (left hand side of the jump)
Vivitar 550 fd flash (right hand side)
Cowboy studios flash triggers

(1/80) shutter
Aperture f/4.0
ISO 200”

See more of Jeff’s work here.

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