Brian Histand is Still Missing

May 7th, 2013…Brian Michael Histand- “Take each day not day by day, hour by hour, not even minute by minute but moment by moment. Fill your life with love and watch it manifest. Negativity, judgement, laziness all of these are evil and ment to poison the brain. Love is where the power is, love is the way of life”

This is a quote from Brian’s journal he began keeping 9 days before he went missing on May 15, 2013. I believe everybody should take that quote and apply it to their own life. Brian’s journal has become my bible. Love is the answer to everything. Brian’s only true satisfaction comes from helping the world by spreading love…so in the name of Brian Histand, spread the love…it’s contagiousDave Krone

It’s been one year since Brian Histand went missing and I wish we could bring you better news, but the cold, hard truth is that there is no news. He’s still missing. No one has seen or heard a trace of him in a year. It’s a scary thought and I’m sure at this point the most convenient thing to do would be to dismiss him as dead but that is simply insensitive. There is no definitive answer to his location and wellbeing other than he was last spotted walking alone towards a large mountainous area south of Phoenix. There is undoubtedly a chance that he’s still out there, alive and well. If an entire airplane can go missing for over a month with multiple countries looking for it, a single human can go missing for over a year with only a handful of his closest friends actively looking for him. There is still hope, and frankly, stranger things have happened.

I don’t want to make it seem like I’m a great friend of Brian’s- I knew him for literally a couple of hours. I knew of him, like many of us did, as an eccentric intellectual with a passion for pedaling really fucking fast and jumping huge gaps.

I met him on an unusually hot summer day in Philadelphia when I was already semi-delirious from a lack of sleep the previous night. Navaz was filming Dave Krone trying to polish up one of his unique G-turn clips in Talk is Cheap and I was patiently shooting a sequence with my camera on a tripod. Brian appeared and instantly the session took a turn for the weirder (I say ‘weird’ in the most endearing sense- I love weird). Conversations went in tangents I never conceived possible. Brian is one of those people with a brain full of “what if’s”- some more fantastical than others, but entertaining nonetheless. He lived up to and actually surpassed any notions I had collected of his living spirit from preceding hearsay. He is one of those people you meet and never forget talking to.

During this time, someone pointed out a small, plastic Barbie-like figurine on the litter-strewn ground and suggested that it resembled Brian. Everyone present agreed on account of the bounty of hair lopped to the side of his head. Brian agreed and laughed and posed for this photo-

histand doll

All said-and-done, Krone was unfortunately defeated by the attempted cleaning-up of his clip and we left the spot to head to another. While driving, our cars lined up and I could see that Brian and Dave were having a great time, singing and laughing- almost dancing- in their car. I could tell that they’d been friends for a while and were on similar wavelengths. They clicked- and I clicked this snapshot- one that I feel embodies the unavoidable energy you incur when in the presence of a being like Brian.

histand and krone

As fate would have it, our plans to reconvene at another spot fell through and their car vanished out of sight. I didn’t really get to say a proper “Goodbye” but then again- given this situation- no one got to. Not even his best friends or family. I can’t imagine dealing with this had I been closer to Brian. I’ve dealt with the death of friends and family, sure, but with that there is closure. You know what happened to them and that they have moved on. With these circumstances, however, there’s nothing you can be sure of. I can only hope that by this time next year a discovery has been made and we can finally understand what actually happened to the enigma who is Brian Histand.

I could say soo much about him. I really wouldnt even be the person I am today if I never met Brian. I looked up to him for his riding before ever meeting him and then as a person as we became friends. He’s just the kind of person who is always looking to make everyone have a good time and feel at home even if it means the shirt off his own back. Always had a positive vibe and his own vision on life. I wish he was still with us to spread the love of life and bmx he always gave to me.Eric “Ewip” Whitescarver

Moving forward, we should celebrate Brian’s work and his riding that will forever be archived through his videos. Yo Guy and Chocolate Milk are certified classic scene videos. Brian showed a strong desire to show off his friends’ riding which is a trait that is rare nowadays. He put in endless hours behind the camera and computer for no reward other than his personal satisfaction. Until he turns up, I think it’s healthy to think of Brian not as a missing person but as a gifted artist, rider and videographer. – Charlie


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