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Twelve O’Clock in Baltimore


Watch here.

So awesome. This documentary was mostly funded by donations, and by the looks of the trailer it deserves the support.



Krooked 3-D Trailer

Krooked will be releasing a full-length DVD this Friday entirely in 3D. Check out the most recent trailers. I hope everyone saved their Avatar glasses.

Sony and Panasonic HD DSLR-inspired Video Cameras

Sony and Panasonic have been busy trying to catch up to the recent hysteria created by Canon’s DSLR series capable of awesome cinema-like HD video, bigger image sensors, and interchangeable lenses. Sony has recently introduced the NEX-VG10, and Panasonic will introduce the AG-AF100 by the end of 2010.

Both companies took a more traditional approach to camera design, much to BMX and skateboarding’s benefit, with handles, proper audio inputs and mics, autofocus, and the ability to record and store long video clips . Anyone that has shot video with a 5D, or similar, has dealt with the shakiness of the footage. Shoulder-mounts and other stabilizers aren’t always the cheapest or most convenient. These two new cameras really open the door for more filming possibilities, like long lines.

Check out some of the specs for both:

I’m seriously considering making the trip to B&H to see if I can press all of the buttons on the Sony. It is definitely the more affordable of the two. Recently my VX-2000 needed some much-needed CCD and head repair, and I’ve been looking at the many options for an upgrade. Looks like I’ll be scrounging together all of my loose change.

Greg Hunt Interview

This guy’s vision and work speak for themselves. It is pretty awesome to be able to get some insight into his views on the culture behind it all. Definitely inspiring.