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“Through the Eyes of Brian Gaberman”

Here’s a short video of my favorite skate photog Brian Gaberman shooting some wet plates of his family. He’s got a rad little darkroom shed and a nice garden. Check out his work… it’s very inspiring.

In Focus: Video Editing Basics

Post-Production via Adobe Lightroom

In my opinion, this is the best episode of in focus thus far. Click play for a few Adobe Lightroom post-production techniques from Skateboard photographer Jonathan Mehring.

In Focus: Slow Motion With Russell Houghten

Russell Houghten takes us through some detailed methods of getting a smooth slow motion shot. First he shoots the same scene with four different cameras and compares their abilities to slow the motion (LOL at the VX glitching). He then takes us into After Effects and describes, very graphically, the coveted ramped slow-mo technique.

In Focus: Filming Lines At Night

Manzoori goes through pretty much every option you have for on-camera lighting and breaks them down with examples. He even goes into the post-adjustments he makes to compensate for the grain incurred when shooting at higher ISO’s. All-in-all, an extremely advantageous episode.

In Focus: Shooting In Bowls

Legendary skate photographer Grant Brittain drops a boatload of knowledge in this one. Most of what he is saying applies to not just shooting bowls but everywhere else too. So many good points in here, just watch it.

“I think it’s good to learn the rules first, and then break the rules.”

In Focus: Follow Filming Basics

Follow filming can get complicated, so Manzoori takes us through pretty much every step needed to get it dialed in. Remember: Steadyshot OFF when the fisheye is ON.

In Focus: DSLR Accessories

In this week’s In Focus, Mike Manzoori talks about three basic accessories we should have to accompany our DSLR for filming- an external microphone, a viewfinder and a mini tripod. He takes us through some examples and shows us how to rig some stuff ourselves. All-in-all, a very helpful video.

In Focus: DSLR Camera Settings

Jason Hernandez goes through the basics of setting up a picture style on your DSLR in order to get the most dynamic and versatile image. Also he goes through the process of “digitally marking” a file on your camera in order to protect it from being deleted.

In Focus: Filmer Boards

Cinematographer Mike Manzoori explains the ins and outs of a filmer board in this weeks “In Focus”. Get a closer look at some of our favorite BMX filmers boards in this Props article.